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About Vigor Enterprises

Vigor Enterprises is a reliable and trust worthy export company in Pakistan.

Vigor Enterprises is established in order to upliftment of Himalayan salt products by purchasing directly from the Himalayan salt mines in khewra, Pakistan and bring them in shape of salt lamps, salt candle stands, salt soap, USB salt lamps and many different shapes of our customer desire, with the help of very skilled workers working with us. For which we appointed qualified and experienced people in our company, so we give maximum benefit of their knowledge and skill of developing salt lamps and other salt products to our customers in different parts of the globe by quality of products with fair price tag of the that product.

The company is also very proud of maintaining quality of our products as per international standards apart from our installed capacity of production25,000 to 30,000 salt lamps in a month. Therefore we are quite capable and prepared to beat demand for any quality and quantity of salt lamps and made-ups required by our customers located all over the globe.

Customized Solutions

Custom or handmade Himalayan Salt Lamps for your Home or Office can be made as per the clients' specifications. We manufacture several salt lamps with various categories upto a weight of 85 lbs. Natural Salt Lamps are made in standard shapes, variable colour and texture. Whereas other crafted products of natural salt are designed and crafted by highly skilled workers in different shapes and sizes.

We at Vigor work for our clients to customize the salt products according to their needs. We sit down with our clients to figure out what they're looking for and how best to come up with products that fullfils their requirements, making sure that we manufacture according to the specifications of the client which they are looking for.

Please contact us to bring health by salt lamps in the globe.


We have a variety of packaging options which may be arranged on case to case basis. However Natural Salt Lamps come with a standard packing in shape of polybags and cartons.

  • Inner packing (individual lamps): 5-ply waterproof Carton
  • Outer packing (pack of 6): 7-ply waterproof Carton